Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Non-Blogging Blog Post and Where I Stand on Blogging

I rarely have time to sit down and write, to convey the jumble of thoughts occupying my mind on a daily basis.

I stare at the screen.

Do I write about this?  No, it's too personal and raw.

Do I write about that?  No, that is too personal about my kids.

What about this? No, nobody wants to read about that.

What about running?  Maybe, but I am feeling stale on that topic right now.

Before you know it

Tiredness pulls me away

The laundry calls my name

The 867 million things I have to do take over my mind.








Maybe it is time

to break up with blogging?

Or start anew?

I am not sure.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stitch Fix #4


A pretty box with a clothes all for me was waiting on my doorstep today.  I tore through that package as quickly as possible to see if this would be the homerun I have been waiting for from Stitch Fix.  It wasn't quite a homerun but it was pretty darn close!

Let's get started.

Mandy Lace Detailed Short Sleeve Blouse ($68)
I initially tried this shirt on with shorts and hated it- thought I looked too boxy in it as I have broad shoulders.  However, I let a few hours pass and then tried it on with these blue jeans and liked it much better. In fact, it's really starting to grow on me.  It doesn't hurt that my husband likes it and so did the neighbor : ). The material is fairly sheer and I will need to wear a camisole or tuni underneath.

Pippa Swarovski Crystal Cluster Necklace ($42)
I don't wear a lot of jewelry. Most days you will only see me with a watch and my wedding ring.  Really special evenings I will put on a pair of earrings.  On even rarer occasions, I may wear a necklace.  While this necklace is pretty and sparkly, it is just too dainty for me. 
VERDICT: I was going to return it but my neighbor saw it and said she would *buy* it from KEEP!

Cherise Cotton Henley Tank ($44)
I love the color of this shirt and the lightweight material- perfect for Summertime!  It's cheerful, cool, and fitted but flowy. This picture doesn't do it justice.  My daughter wanted me to try it with more colorful shorts, too.
This shirt is something I will wear over and over through the next 6 months.
Karissa Chevron Print Henley Tank ($48)
By far, my favorite item in my box!  I love love love the pattern, the fit, and the cotton-like material.  I can dress this shirt down with shorts or dress it  up with slacks, a skirt or fancy jeans (does that even exist?).  I feel so skinny in this outfit and also, my neighbor gets major brownie points for pointing that out when she saw me in this.  And yes, I did invite my neighbor over to watch my Stitch Fix fashion show because, WHY NOT?

Waters Diamond Print Maxi Dress ($68)
I had high hopes for this dress when I first spotted it in the box.  I very much like the Springy colors and the geometric pattern, but when I slipped it on, I just didn't find it to be the most flattering.  I don't look terrible in it- I look OK, but I own other maxi dresses that are much more flattering.
VERDICT:  I was going to return it but since I am keeping everything else, with the discount, this is almost I will KEEP it.
This *fix* was by far the best one I have received and that's a good thing because I had already decided that if this box sucked, then I my relationship with Stitch Fix would be over. Lucky for us (and not my pocketbook), we will continue on for now. 

What do you think of my fix?
I can't wait for another fix (I sound like a junkie....a clothes junkie- ha!). 
If you are in the market to give Stitch Fix a try, then go ahead and use my referral link and support my habit : ).

Monday, April 07, 2014

Cap 10K Race Report: Third Time's a Charm

I did not register for this race until the DAY BEFORE.  History keeps repeating itself!  I knew I would probably do it, but I dragged my feet until the last minute, waiting on the weather forecasts.  The forecast called for 50% chance rain but lucky for me, the rain held off until I was finished with my race.  I am getting ahead of myself now.....

I have run 10K's before, and I have run many half marathons.  I was not worried one bit about covering the distance as I have covered it many times before.  Running 3-6 miles on any given deal is the norm.  Go ahead, punch me if you like.

I only had one goal for this race: To PR the 10K.  PR stands for Personal Record- I wanted to beat my previous 10K personal record. 

My runs of late have been pretty good.  I have been working on sprint intervals, hill work and running negative splits.  I knew I had it in me to PR.

But first, I had to pick out my running outfit.  Something bright, cheery, and colorful....LIKE ME!  I think I succeeded, don't you?  I love the pattern of this Running Skirt and even got asked during the race where I purchased it. Also, I am IN LOVE with my beautiful running shoes- Mizuno Wave Enigma 2.  I am a running fashion billboard- ha!
Let's get started shall we?
The starting line.  Where all the magic is about to begin, smirk smirk.  I am standing next to a woman who is running her FIRST race.  The longest she has ever run is a 5K. She asks if I have run this particular race before and I proceed to give her a verbal course preview.
Lots of people......Star Spangled Banner.....and we're off!  Except there are so many people in front of me that it takes a good 4-5 minutes before I cross the start line. 
Mile 1:  I love running up Congress Avenue towards the Capitol.  It is SO COOL running on the street with this as view.  I am going to stop for 10 seconds to snap this shot but then I am not stopping again.  There are a lot of people on this street with me but it's not as bad as the Turkey Trot.  Gosh, the Turkey Trot sucked because there were so many people walking.  I am such a runner snob.  No, I am not. I love seeing everyone get out and walk or run but please, just don't let them be in my way.  I hope I am not in anyone else's way- ha ha!!!

Mile 2:  Uphill.  Ugh.  I am not going to stop. I am not going to stop. I am not going to stop.  Mantra:  I run hills at least twice a week. I can make it up this damn hill.  Chant chant chant:  I run hills. I run hills. I run hills.
Mile 3:  Shitmotherfuckerdamn- I am one sweaty mess.  Who ordered up 60-65 degree weather for this?  And muggy, too.  Yippee.  Oh wait- a new power song is on. I can't tell anyone I run to this because they will laugh me off my running self.  Oh wait, that's the name of the song.  Selfie.  This song SUCKS but the beat is fast and catchy.  Anthony is totally rolling his eyes at me right now.

Mile 4:  If I maintain my current pace, I am totally going to blow it out of the water.

Mile 5: Nice and easy, catch your breath.  My legs feel great. I think I can pick up the pace.  I am not going to look at my watch.  Just run, Lisa.

Mile 6:  I am not astute enough to figure out my mile splits but I do know this, I am going to PR TODAY.  Run, run, run.  DON'T STOP.  Oh look, the last 0.4 miles. I get to run across another bridge. Pick up the pace. You are almost there.  Round that corner and you only have 0.1 miles left. SPRINT, LISA, SPRINT.  RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  PUMP YOUR LEGS, PUMP YOUR ARMS.......and I've now crossed the finish line.  Tears forming at the corner of my eyes......suck it  up, suck it up, don't cry, don't cry.  That lady is looking at me funny but I don't care because.....

I PR'd this RACE- FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So happy, so freaking happy.
2011 Cap 10K Race Report: 1:15:38 with an avg pace of 12:11 m/m
2012 Cap 10K Race Report: 1:16:42 with an avg pace of 12:22 m/m
2014:  1:09:12 with an avg pace of 11:09 m/m
Last thoughts......I realize my pace is not the fastest. However, I have come to understand and embrace the only one I am racing is ME and today, I won.  It has taken me many years of running, but I am getting faster.  I am bound and determined to make 2014 my running bitch, beating previous goals.  So far, I have PR'd the 10k and half marathon distances in 2014.  May there be more PR's for me in the near future?
I think YES.

What about you?  Have you PR'd any distances this year?  Have you embraced your running self? What do you hope to accomplish?  Do you think my running outfit is spectacular?!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

I was SO excited when I received the email that my next shipment of Stitch Fix was on its way!

And I was still SO excited when I ripped open the box to get my first look at the items they sent me.  My initial impression was *Oh heck yeah, they finally got the memo on sending me color and prints and I cannot wait to try this stuff on*!!!

Then, I tried the clothes on for the first time and I was not impressed.  In fact, upon first try-on, I thought- this may be the worst Stitch Fix shipment I have received.  I was Oh So Disappointed.  I even thought this might be the end of the road for my relationship with Stitch Fix.  I have been explicit in my posts here and in my style questionnaire to send me *fitted* clothes, with vibrant colors and whatnot. 

They did send me colorful items and printed items but the fit, oh my, the fit was not where it needed to be to make me a happy Stitch Fix camper.  Let me show you some pictures and you tell me what you think.

Shirt #1
Wilfred Abstract Print Tank- $48
Oh dear.  While I love the print and the colors of this tank, the shape and fit SUCK ASS.  I hate it with a passion.  It hung on me, much like a potato sack would- that  means there was zero shape or form to this shirt and it just made me look FAT.  My friend Christy told me she went shopping in an ACTUAL store today and this seems to be the new trend of shirts for the ladies.  Lord help me because I will never--ever--ever wear a shirt like this.....EVER.
VERDICT:  RETURN before you even finish reading this post
Shirt #2
Marsala Tribal Print Tie-Neck Blouse- $54

This shirt is much better than that first one.  I like the geometrical pattern and it looks really cute with this Athleta skirt of mine.  The green flops match a green in the shirt that you can't see from this picture alone.  The material is very lightweight and see-through, too.  Wearing a cami is a must unless you want to flash everyone your bra size!
VERDICT: Undecided.  I like the shirt but do I like it enough to pay $54 smackeroos?  Does this make me cheap?

Shirt #3
Rory Geo Printed Knit-Back Tank- $58
Sorry for the crappy pictures but my cameraman (my husband) wasn't home when I took these shots.  Plus, I didn't want to hear his lip about wasting my time on writing a blog post about clothes (again) nor wasting money on things I could find myself, lol.  Anyhoo, I didn't find this shirt overly flattering and the print wasn't all that great.  But what really pushed me into the NO category was when I turned around and saw the back of the shirt.
I just don't get shirts like this, that have a solid light color on the back while everything else is a print.
VERDICT:  Oh hell no.  I could find a tank like this at Kohl's for $20 and I still wouldn't buy it.  I wouldn't even buy it for my grandma. 
Shirt #4

Paloma Back Cutout Jersey Top- $54
Finally, Stitch Fix sent me a cotton shirt- woot woot!!!  I really like this shirt.  I love the color, the fit is nice and it goes with my purple skirt, my white capri pants and another skirt I already have in my closet.
The back is REALLY cute and different.
But the question remains: Do I want to pay $54 for a shirt like this?  Maybe my expectations are too high.  Maybe I am unrealistic with what clothes cost nowadays.  Maybe I have been shopping at Target, Academy and the sales rack at Athleta and Lands End for too long.  This just seems like a lot of money for a thick cotton blend shirt that has decorative buttons on the backside.  I do like it though......
VERDICT: Undecided
Dress #1 
Delora Tie-Waist Abstract Chevron Print Dress- $78
When I first saw this material in the box, I thought *O-M-G!  The print is so cute, like, oh my god. I will be so trendy and I am not trendy but I will look trendy in this dress*.  Then, I put it on and I thought- *Oh hot damn. Another freaking potato sack dress that is too short on this mom of three kids who happens to be 41 years old.  I am NOT trendy enough to pull this shit off*.  Yeah, I thought that.  What do ya'll think? 

Could I pull it off?  Is this dress meant for someone 20 years younger?  Is it too short?  Am I going to flash my undies if I bend over in it?  LOL LOL LOL!!!!  Do I have what it takes to wear this dress?  Do I want to pay $78 to wear it?!
VERDICT: Undecided
As you can see, this shipment was not the WIN WIN I was hoping for.  I was hoping for a homerun that I could buy all of, collecting the 25% discount by doing so.  I REALLY REALLY wanted Stitch Fix to come through for me and it just did not happen. 
So Stitch Fix people that work for Stitch Fix and happen to be reading this post: 
I absolutely love this service you offer for frazzled, non-stylish women who don't have time to shop.  I would love to continue to use your service but I would love it even more if you got my style right. 
I know I know, it's difficult to know my style when we have never even met.  You don't know my personality- loud, fun, outgoing, friendly, laughs out loud in real life from the gut, silly, etc etc. 
You don't know that I have lost some weight and really like fitted clothes- not skin tight- but certainly not loosey goosey, flowing BS tunic, Bohemian crap that drapes on a person like an ugly shower curtain. 
I like classic, updated looks but with vibrant color because I am a vibrant person.  Vibrant doesn't necessarily mean a print, either.  I wear cotton and cotton blends most days.  Please, no more 3/4 sleeve length and please, send a denim skirt (white or blue denim) or even possibly a pair of fun capris.  Another dress would be OK as long as it fits. 
I don't want to have break up with you Stitch Fix, but I need more from you.
Lisa in Texas 
My Stitch Fix Referral Link, if you want to try this out for yourself.  I am still going to give it one more chance and I would still refer Stitch Fix to my friends because it is fun and I really don't have time to shop.  When they get it right, then it's really fun.  Fingers crossed for a homerun next time!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Race Schedule and Beyond

It's March and I am finally putting together my race schedule for the year- ha!

I have sealed up the first four months quite nicely with races but I am looking for some fun races for the Summer (short, please!  It's too darn hot to run long in the Summer).  I am also looking for a fun 10K and/or half marathon in the months leading up to my first FULL marathon next February. 

Yeah, you read that right.  I am a *Marathoner-in-Training*.

I will be doing my first 26.2 mile race in this city I love and live, Austin TX.  I know the course is hilly (duh- I ran the Austin Half this year and got a first hand taste of the hills), and it could potentially be warm on race day (duh- Texas weather. You know, where it can be 70 one day and 30 the next). However, I wanted my first marathon, and maybe ONLY marathon, to be in the city where I live, running by sites that I see all the time by car.  I am also hoping my friends and family that live here will come out and support me along the race route.

Here is how the race schedule for 2014-2015 looks so far:

3M Half Marathon (Jan '14)
Austin Half Marathon (Feb '14)
Shamrock Shuffle 5K (Mar '14)
Cap 10K (Apr '14)
Zooma Texas Half Marathon (Apr '14)
Turkey Trot 5 Miler (Nov '14)
Austin Full Marathon  (Feb '15)

See the big gap between races up above?

I would really like to do a race or two in between Zooma Texas and the Turkey Trot.  Originally, I thought I would do Zooma Napa's Inaugrual Half Marathon in June '14 because hello, it combines my two favorite things- running and wine.....not at the same time.  Run first, drink later.  Hey, I am responsible that way.  BUT, while I do not mind running by myself, I would rather much enjoy Napa with a friend by my side and NOT by myself.  If I could find a partner in crime for Napa, then I would be all over it and registered in a heartbeat.

I also gave thought to doing Disney's Wine and Dine in November but it sold out in the first day.  Stoo-pid.

I have even given thought to doing Nike Women's Half in San Francisco in October because once again, it's a no brainer.  Run through beautiful San Fran with the extra bonus of HOT firemen greeting you at the finish line with a Tiffany necklace?  Sign me up already.  Once again, I am perfectly fine running by myself BUT I do not want to sight-see by myself. 

Let me summarize.

Open to a destination race
great location a bonus
girls weekend- yes, please
booze, chocolate, or hot fireman- duh
must have girlfriend to accompany or meet me there

Rock n Roll Las Vegas.....San Antonio?  Rocky Mountain Half Marathon?  Women's Half in Scottsdale? 

Of course, Texas races that fit the location, booze, race gimmick criteria would be fine, too.

Any recommendations from my runner friends?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Race Report- The Last Minute Decision to Run the Austin Half Marathon

I had no intentions of running the Austin Half Marathon.

With Anthony back in the running game, we have to take turns with our races. Months ago, we had decided that I would run the 3M Half Marathon (I did run it and PR'd too!) and he would run the Austin Half Marathon in February. Plus, I knew I had to work the race expo at the Austin Marathon and I thought that might make me a little too tired to run the race the next day.

Since the 3M Half on Jan 17th, I have continued with my running but only doing shorter runs of 3-4 miles long. Absolutely ZERO long runs because hey, I wasn't really training for anything. Last week, I returned to attending Body Pump classes at the YMCA (a weight lifting class) and my glutes and quads were oh so angry with me. I ran twice last week- both runs were difficult because my legs were so tired from the weight lifting.

Friday and Saturday, I did this- worked the Zooma booth at the Austin Marathon Expo. I was on my feet for 6 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday.
On Saturday, an unexpected opportunity arose for me to participate in the half marathon the next morning. I did not immediately jump on board and say *yes* because 1.) I had kid duty while the hubby raced 2.) I knew I hadn't run long in over 4 weeks and that made me a tiny bit nervous 3.) I knew my legs were tired from the Body Pump classes, my feet were tired from standing on them all weekend, and I had zero time to prepare nutritionally and hydrate properly.

I chatted with Anthony, he said *DO IT* and *I will work on the kid care while you work the expo*. I texted with Laura and Nora both whom said *DO IT, YOU WILL BE FINE*.

So, I did it. With about 18 hours to spare, I said YES to running 13.1 miles on Sunday morning that I had not intended on running.

Par for the course, I laid out my clothes the night before and had an intimate session with my foam roller. I still hadn't bought new running shoes so I would be once again, running in my old, ratty, falling apart New Balance clicks.
I have a few things to say about this race:
  • I had zero expectations for this run.  I just wanted to have fun as the Austin Half has been on my *to run races* list for a very long time.  No expectations except NOT to injure myself.
  • I was not going to *race it*.  I decided from the get go it would be a nice and easy run with short run/walk intervals for as long as possible.  I am talking 30/30's for the first 5 miles.  For those who don't know what I am talking about, I mean I ran 30 seconds, walked 30 seconds and attempted to keep my heart rate as low as possible.
  • I switched to 1/1's at some point. After a while, I didn't really follow a schedule, just ran and walked when I felt like it.
  • The first 5 miles were the hardest for me.  My feet were so tired from all the standing the two days prior and they were sore.  However, the longer I ran, the better my feet and calves felt.  STRANGE!
  • Middle miles were all on autopilot.
  • I hit an endorphin high somewhere between miles 11-12.  I cried like a baby and was so happy that my feet had carried me that far with little soreness.  I was so GRATEFUL to be outdoors doing something I love, no matter how fast or slow I was going.  Boo hoo, big happy, grateful tears.  Yes, I continue to remain a sap.
  • With 0.5 miles to go, the female marathon winner passed me and I got to see her fly by with her police escort.  It was fantastic to see and SO inspiring.  She had a guy right on her heels and with 0.4 miles left to go, she kicked it into even higher gear and left him in her dust.  Freaking awesome!
  • That inspired me.  I knew I had gas left in the tank and I ALL OUT SPRINTED as fast as my legs could carry me the last 0.2 miles- I was pumping arms, legs, everything.  AWESOME END to an UNEXPECTED RACE.
  • The crowds for this race were the best I have ever encountered. So much fun!
  • I wore my Peacock Noir skirt from Sparkle Skirts and had no less than 5 women stop me in the first 7 miles to compliment me on my skirt and ask where I had gotten it. No lie.  Also, BEST running skirt ever!
  • This was one of my slowest halfs to date.  Official race time: 2:47:06 with an average pace of 12:45/mile.  However, I consider this race a huge success given the amount of walking I did, the circumstances leading up to race day, and the heat and humidity of that day.  I don't care what my time was because I HAD THE BEST TIME.
  • One of my favorite races to date.
  • Muscle memory is a beautiful thing and the fact that I have minimal soreness the next day is also very beautiful.  In fact, I was MORE sore after the 3M Half.  Weird!
Also, check out how fantastic this race medal is.  I LOVE IT.
One last thing.

This guy right here, my husband Anthony.
He ran the Austin Half Marathon, too.  It was his comeback race. 

Let me explain.  Anthony has been a runner forever.  He proposed to me after he ran his first half marathon, back in 1998.  When I ran my first half marathon, he ran his LAST marathon (this was in June 2010) and then took a 3.5 year break.  He only returned to running in September 2013.  He has been so dedicated and disciplined with his training runs since then.  As a running couple, we have had to work out the *when* of our long runs.  I would like to think that running has brought us closer together.

Anyhoo, this was his first race after that long break.    He hit a homerun with a time of 2:03:55.  I am so proud of him.  He has already looked up the *next* race because he *just* knows he can beat that time.  Would you mind giving him a virtual high five, a congrats, a whatever, too?  Thanks.

This was a pretty long race report for a race that I wasn't running until the last minute, huh?

Thanks for making it this far and happy running, ya'll!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

3M Half Marathon Race Report- I Need a Training Plan

Look, I know I am not as fast as most of my runner friends out there.

I know that.  It doesn't bother me (most of the time).  I have accepted my pace for what it is and my running legs have been good to me, relatively injury-free and bringing me much happiness.  However, I would be lying if I told you that I didn't care about my race times.  I mean, sometimes I don't care about my race times and other times, I do.

I purposely did not share any race goals for today's half marathon because 1)I was afraid of sharing them and failing miserably  2)I almost, kinda did and kinda didn't want to put undue pressure on myself  3)I was fearful of jinxing myself.

Ridiculous I know, but that's where I was.
Of course, there was that little incident on my last long run two weeks ago where I tripped, fell, and twisted my ankle at mile 8.88 of 10.5 miles.  That sucked and mentally made me think I might not be able to pull off a PR for this race.  Then, there was the matter of fact that I was scheduled to work BOTH days of the 3M race expo (8 hours one day and 10 hours the second day) right before the race which meant a lot of standing on my feet leading up to the race and not having fresh race legs.

By not sharing any goals, I was already setting myself up with excuses if I didn't meet those goals that I did not share.

Am I making any sense?

Last night I set out my gear.  It was like I was on auto pilot.  I have done so many runs and so many races that I don't have to give it a second thought as to what I need- I just begin to pull it all out and set it to the side.

This morning I continued on auto-pilot.  In fact, I would say on I was on auto-pilot pretty much until Mile 10-11 of the race.
First few miles were nice and easy.  I enjoyed watching the sunrise.  The air was crisp and fresh, cool but not too cool.  I felt pretty good, keeping my heart rate low.  My initial strategy for this race was to keep to my intervals for the first few miles, then lengthen out the intervals for miles 4-6, then a crap shoot or whatever I felt like for the last half.

Let's just say that miles 4-6 have been and will always be my favorite miles.  I just love love love those miles.  My legs are warmed up, I have take one Gu, my hydration is still spot on and my legs just feel GOOD.  During those miles, I feel like I could run forever.  Today, during those early middle miles, my pace differently picked up and I was hauling.  Silly me...I must have temporarily forgotten that I still had 7 more miles to go after mile 6!

I also promised myself that I was not stopping for ANYTHING- not to stretch, not to go to the bathroom, nor anything else.  I am proud to say I did not stop moving the entire time.

Miles 7, 8 and 9 were still good but not as great as 4 5, and 6.  I was starting to get tired but still holding it together.  Mile 10 was OK and I started wishing for the finish line to hurry up and get here because I was ready to be done.  The day had warmed up, the sun was shining in my face and I was sweaty and tired.  At this point, I decided that I would keep running as long as I could (just to get the damn thing over with) and only walk if I absolutely needed to.  Although my mind was strong, the pain in my knee was stronger and at Mile 11.66, the side cramp I developed was even stronger and then I was really PISSED.
The only other time I have gotten a side cramp during a race was during the exact same race LAST YEAR.  WTH?  I rarely get side cramps during my runs but here it happened again, during a race.  It hurt like hell, and really stabbed me when I was running.  I switched to 1-1's at that point, hoping I could run 1 min, walk 1 minute until the cramp passed.  I drank all the water I had, I breathed deeply through my nose and out through my mouth, I stretched my sides when I was walking.  Eventually, the pain lessened enough to run the last 0.5 mile of the race.

It was more that I saw the finish line off in the distance and I just wanted to be finished with my 13.1 miles as quickly as possible so that I could tend to my side cramp!!!!

So a summary of this race:
1st 7 miles- LOVELY, AWESOME, I can do anything, I can run forever, I am going to sign up for a million races

Last 6 miles- OK, this is getting harder now, when will I be done running, what am I going to have for lunch, this really sucks, damn you side cramp, oh thank god I see the finish line!

Several more things......
1.  I PR'd this race.
My last PR was the 3M Half Marathon 2013- time 2:41:11
Today I blew that out of the water.
New PR- 3M Half Marathon 2014- time 2:34:39 (faster by 6:32min)- WOOT WOOT!!!!

2.  It really is time for me to stick with a half marathon training plan, or hell, at least pick one to begin with.
Yet once again I *trained* for a half with no real training plan. Basically, I ran 3 times a week and if I had time, I would strength train with yoga thrown in when I was feeling tight.  Imagine what I could do if I had a plan?  What's that saying- plan your work and work your plan?

3.  I think I might need to hook up with her bad-assness herself, the incomparable Steph and have her whip my running butt into shape.  She kind of scares me but also, I look up to her.  She is awesome.  Or join a training group or something organized because obviously, I am not.

4.  It's time to retire my current running shoes.  I realized too late that I needed a new pair (like a few days prior to the race).  That wasn't enough time to break them in. Instead, I cut off the part of my shoe that was flapping on the bottom and ran like that today.  Hilarious and I so totally would have been freaking out about this if it has been my first race.  I seriously contemplated duct taping the part that was falling off but opted instead for cutting it off.  My old shoes could be why my right knee is so sore tonight as my knees typically don't give me problems when I run long.

5.  My family meeting me at the finish line was pretty cool.  Even more awesome?  All of us wearing one of my prior race medals as jewelry for my celebratory lunch!
6.  Par for the course, I am already looking up my next race.  I am fairly certain I will do the Cap 10K and hopefully the Zooma Texas Half.  I would love to do the Austin Half in February but Anthony is running that race (now that we both run again, we have to take turns with the races).  Unless one of our lovely friends would like to keep our children while we both run Austin?!  It's been difficult to find races that fit our busy work and family schedule though.

I am proud of my achievements thus far.  I am at peace with my running self- doing the best I can for now.  I am proud of MY PR- it's my personal record only to be compared to my previous PR.  I stomped the old PR into the ground and came up with a new time to beat. 

That is pretty darn awesome, don't you think?