Sandy Is Going To His First Ever Drone Racing Tournament

I am so blessed with having perfect children! I love them soooo much! Emily is a straight A student and Sandy is an incredibly talented boy with so many interests. His latest one is definitely drone┬áracing. At first, I was positive he was just kidding when he said that people use these tiny planes to race. Later on, I was shocked to see that’s a fully fledged sport. I could not even imagine something like that coming to life back when I was his age… But then again, those were completely different times.

walkera racing droneAnyways, as soon as we got him his first ever racing drone (before that, he had a standard one, Phantom 2 was the name I believe, which he used to train his racing skills. Now that we got him one suitable for racing (I think it’s one of those Walkera models but I am not 100% sure) he cannot be separated from it. If he’s not in school, then he’s in the backyard mounting obstacles and training. He’s obsessed with it. On a bright side, before introducing him to drones, he was in love with Minecraft and was playing it 24/7. So, needless to say, I am happy to finally have him play outside and not on that damn PC.

racing droneAnother shock for me happened last week when Sandy announced he was going to a local drone racing tournament. The amount of happiness in his facial expression when he told me that was indescribable. He was ecstatic! He begged me to pay the entry fee ($20) and promised he’ll win one of the first 3 spots that bring small prizes such as a new drone, VR racing headset, and whatnot. I just hope he manages to fulfill his promise otherwise I can already tell he’s going to be miserable. But still, considering he’s been training a lot during the last month or so, it would be surprising if he doesn’t come out victorious!