Am I Too Young To Be A Grandma?

I'm too young for thisLately, I have been thinking a lot about the fact that, sooner or later (2-3 years give or take), I’ll become a grandmother. Realistically speaking, I am 42 at the moment and my daughter Emily is 22 and has had a boyfriend (Mike is the name) for almost 3 years now. The thought of Emily getting pregnant is not that far from being a reality, to be honest. Mike is a great guy and I would not have anything against the two of them getting married… But what if they get married in the next year or two and end up having a child… That would mean I’ll get to be a grandmother before my 45h birthday. Isn’t that a little too early?

Well, depends on how you look at it. For me, even though it is kind of early, I am happy and ready to accept the fact I’ll be a (very) young grandma. Come to think of it, I never really imagined myself begrandma playinging a 40+ yo grandma… But I guess, at the end of the day, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, younger grandmas tend to spend more active time with their grandchildren. My bones aren’t that old (I am doing my best to keep myself in the best shape possible) and I’m sure I’ll be able to play with my grandchildren for years to come. Other than that, I believe the fact that my grandchildren will have a young grandma will help us bond easier. I know for a fact this is true since I had a huge gap between my grandmother and it really affected our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mima (that’s how I call her to this very day haha) a lot, but if she was a decade younger I believe our relationship would be even better.

So, for all of you who are in a similar situation and you’re afraid, confused or even worried… being a young grandmother is nothing scary! It’s all in your head, ladies!

What To Do When You Hit 40?

40 years oldEven though it has been more than 2 and a half years since I entered the 40’s club, I am still worried. As is the case with many other women my age, I too am concerned about my appearance. I know that years and years of being a mother and a wife took their toll, but there is no reason to give up just yet! It’s all in your mind, ladies! For those of you who are battling with obesity and cannot fit into your good old clothes, rest assured that you can get out of your lousy situation. Here’s how!

Make sure you wake up happy every single day!

This is the pivotal thing every woman should do! As soon as you wake up, start thinking about the good things in life. Your husband, your kids, your friends and the rest of your family. Be thankful for the life you’re living. Don’t focus on the bad stuff, focus on happiness!

Don’t be ashamed to go to the gym every once in awhile!

going to the gym before and afterI know for a fact that many women my age (my friends and ex-colleagues) don’t go to the gym because they’re ashamed. What’s worse, they’re not only ashamed of their bodies but their age as well. “I’d get many weird looks down there (at the gym), for crying out loud I am a 45-year-old single mom… There’s nothing for me there…” This is how my friend Amanda described her feelings of going to the gym. I had to be strict to her and tell her that, unless she goes there and does her best to keep her body healthy and looking good, she definitely SHOULD be ashamed. Needless to say, she started going to the gym just one week after that conversation.


And if you get tired… run it off! But seriously – running is an excellent way to remove that extra fat storage that has accumulated over the years. It won’t go away on its own so running and exercising frequently is the correct answer!

Sandy Is Going To His First Ever Drone Racing Tournament

I am so blessed with having perfect children! I love them soooo much! Emily is a straight A student and Sandy is an incredibly talented boy with so many interests. His latest one is definitely drone racing. At first, I was positive he was just kidding when he said that people use these tiny planes to race. Later on, I was shocked to see that’s a fully fledged sport. I could not even imagine something like that coming to life back when I was his age… But then again, those were completely different times.

walkera racing droneAnyways, as soon as we got him his first ever racing drone (before that, he had a standard one, Phantom 2 was the name I believe, which he used to train his racing skills. Now that we got him one suitable for racing (I think it’s one of those Walkera models but I am not 100% sure) he cannot be separated from it. If he’s not in school, then he’s in the backyard mounting obstacles and training. He’s obsessed with it. On a bright side, before introducing him to drones, he was in love with Minecraft and was playing it 24/7. So, needless to say, I am happy to finally have him play outside and not on that damn PC.

racing droneAnother shock for me happened last week when Sandy announced he was going to a local drone racing tournament. The amount of happiness in his facial expression when he told me that was indescribable. He was ecstatic! He begged me to pay the entry fee ($20) and promised he’ll win one of the first 3 spots that bring small prizes such as a new drone, VR racing headset, and whatnot. I just hope he manages to fulfill his promise otherwise I can already tell he’s going to be miserable. But still, considering he’s been training a lot during the last month or so, it would be surprising if he doesn’t come out victorious!