Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stitch Fix #4


A pretty box with a clothes all for me was waiting on my doorstep today.  I tore through that package as quickly as possible to see if this would be the homerun I have been waiting for from Stitch Fix.  It wasn't quite a homerun but it was pretty darn close!

Let's get started.

Mandy Lace Detailed Short Sleeve Blouse ($68)
I initially tried this shirt on with shorts and hated it- thought I looked too boxy in it as I have broad shoulders.  However, I let a few hours pass and then tried it on with these blue jeans and liked it much better. In fact, it's really starting to grow on me.  It doesn't hurt that my husband likes it and so did the neighbor : ). The material is fairly sheer and I will need to wear a camisole or tuni underneath.

Pippa Swarovski Crystal Cluster Necklace ($42)
I don't wear a lot of jewelry. Most days you will only see me with a watch and my wedding ring.  Really special evenings I will put on a pair of earrings.  On even rarer occasions, I may wear a necklace.  While this necklace is pretty and sparkly, it is just too dainty for me. 
VERDICT: I was going to return it but my neighbor saw it and said she would *buy* it from me....so KEEP!

Cherise Cotton Henley Tank ($44)
I love the color of this shirt and the lightweight material- perfect for Summertime!  It's cheerful, cool, and fitted but flowy. This picture doesn't do it justice.  My daughter wanted me to try it with more colorful shorts, too.
This shirt is something I will wear over and over through the next 6 months.
Karissa Chevron Print Henley Tank ($48)
By far, my favorite item in my box!  I love love love the pattern, the fit, and the cotton-like material.  I can dress this shirt down with shorts or dress it  up with slacks, a skirt or fancy jeans (does that even exist?).  I feel so skinny in this outfit and also, my neighbor gets major brownie points for pointing that out when she saw me in this.  And yes, I did invite my neighbor over to watch my Stitch Fix fashion show because, WHY NOT?

Waters Diamond Print Maxi Dress ($68)
I had high hopes for this dress when I first spotted it in the box.  I very much like the Springy colors and the geometric pattern, but when I slipped it on, I just didn't find it to be the most flattering.  I don't look terrible in it- I look OK, but I own other maxi dresses that are much more flattering.
VERDICT:  I was going to return it but since I am keeping everything else, with the discount, this is almost free.....so I will KEEP it.
This *fix* was by far the best one I have received and that's a good thing because I had already decided that if this box sucked, then I my relationship with Stitch Fix would be over. Lucky for us (and not my pocketbook), we will continue on for now. 

What do you think of my fix?
I can't wait for another fix (I sound like a junkie....a clothes junkie- ha!). 
If you are in the market to give Stitch Fix a try, then go ahead and use my referral link and support my habit : ).


Lora said...

I have heard SO many good things about this service... my first box is coming next month! Excited!


SO FUN!!!! lots of goodies that look amazing on you! Congrats!