Monday, April 07, 2014

Cap 10K Race Report: Third Time's a Charm

I did not register for this race until the DAY BEFORE.  History keeps repeating itself!  I knew I would probably do it, but I dragged my feet until the last minute, waiting on the weather forecasts.  The forecast called for 50% chance rain but lucky for me, the rain held off until I was finished with my race.  I am getting ahead of myself now.....

I have run 10K's before, and I have run many half marathons.  I was not worried one bit about covering the distance as I have covered it many times before.  Running 3-6 miles on any given deal is the norm.  Go ahead, punch me if you like.

I only had one goal for this race: To PR the 10K.  PR stands for Personal Record- I wanted to beat my previous 10K personal record. 

My runs of late have been pretty good.  I have been working on sprint intervals, hill work and running negative splits.  I knew I had it in me to PR.

But first, I had to pick out my running outfit.  Something bright, cheery, and colorful....LIKE ME!  I think I succeeded, don't you?  I love the pattern of this Running Skirt and even got asked during the race where I purchased it. Also, I am IN LOVE with my beautiful running shoes- Mizuno Wave Enigma 2.  I am a running fashion billboard- ha!
Let's get started shall we?
The starting line.  Where all the magic is about to begin, smirk smirk.  I am standing next to a woman who is running her FIRST race.  The longest she has ever run is a 5K. She asks if I have run this particular race before and I proceed to give her a verbal course preview.
Lots of people......Star Spangled Banner.....and we're off!  Except there are so many people in front of me that it takes a good 4-5 minutes before I cross the start line. 
Mile 1:  I love running up Congress Avenue towards the Capitol.  It is SO COOL running on the street with this as view.  I am going to stop for 10 seconds to snap this shot but then I am not stopping again.  There are a lot of people on this street with me but it's not as bad as the Turkey Trot.  Gosh, the Turkey Trot sucked because there were so many people walking.  I am such a runner snob.  No, I am not. I love seeing everyone get out and walk or run but please, just don't let them be in my way.  I hope I am not in anyone else's way- ha ha!!!

Mile 2:  Uphill.  Ugh.  I am not going to stop. I am not going to stop. I am not going to stop.  Mantra:  I run hills at least twice a week. I can make it up this damn hill.  Chant chant chant:  I run hills. I run hills. I run hills.
Mile 3:  Shitmotherfuckerdamn- I am one sweaty mess.  Who ordered up 60-65 degree weather for this?  And muggy, too.  Yippee.  Oh wait- a new power song is on. I can't tell anyone I run to this because they will laugh me off my running self.  Oh wait, that's the name of the song.  Selfie.  This song SUCKS but the beat is fast and catchy.  Anthony is totally rolling his eyes at me right now.

Mile 4:  If I maintain my current pace, I am totally going to blow it out of the water.

Mile 5: Nice and easy, catch your breath.  My legs feel great. I think I can pick up the pace.  I am not going to look at my watch.  Just run, Lisa.

Mile 6:  I am not astute enough to figure out my mile splits but I do know this, I am going to PR TODAY.  Run, run, run.  DON'T STOP.  Oh look, the last 0.4 miles. I get to run across another bridge. Pick up the pace. You are almost there.  Round that corner and you only have 0.1 miles left. SPRINT, LISA, SPRINT.  RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  PUMP YOUR LEGS, PUMP YOUR ARMS.......and I've now crossed the finish line.  Tears forming at the corner of my eyes......suck it  up, suck it up, don't cry, don't cry.  That lady is looking at me funny but I don't care because.....

I PR'd this RACE- FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So happy, so freaking happy.
2011 Cap 10K Race Report: 1:15:38 with an avg pace of 12:11 m/m
2012 Cap 10K Race Report: 1:16:42 with an avg pace of 12:22 m/m
2014:  1:09:12 with an avg pace of 11:09 m/m
Last thoughts......I realize my pace is not the fastest. However, I have come to understand and embrace the only one I am racing is ME and today, I won.  It has taken me many years of running, but I am getting faster.  I am bound and determined to make 2014 my running bitch, beating previous goals.  So far, I have PR'd the 10k and half marathon distances in 2014.  May there be more PR's for me in the near future?
I think YES.

What about you?  Have you PR'd any distances this year?  Have you embraced your running self? What do you hope to accomplish?  Do you think my running outfit is spectacular?!!!!!


Sarah G said...

I have that same skirt! Our Ragnar team got them from wore it to. A local race and 2 other ladies had it too. :)

Sarah G said...

CONGRATS on your pr, btw! Way to go!!

Andy Drouin said...

Way to go!! I'm hoping/planning to run my first 10k in June. You're an inspiration.

Brooke said...

yes, i do think that outfit is spectacular, but not as awesome as YOU!!! look at the average pace compared the the past 2 years. you killed it!!!

Elaine Alguire said...

That is SO awesome Lisa! YOU are awesome! Congrats on your new PR!! Love ya, you strong woman, you! :D


ROCK STAR!!!!! what a great report! I must get that skirt, so stinking cute!
what kind of arch support do those Mizunos have? I run in the wave inspire & love them but they are U.G.L.Y. Lol
that song is hideous but yes, good running music!

Cas Blomberg said...

Congrats on your race and your PR! I've recently tried to begin running again and it's so slow, without any real results yet. Reading your experiences have been a great inspiration =).