Sunday, March 09, 2014

Race Schedule and Beyond

It's March and I am finally putting together my race schedule for the year- ha!

I have sealed up the first four months quite nicely with races but I am looking for some fun races for the Summer (short, please!  It's too darn hot to run long in the Summer).  I am also looking for a fun 10K and/or half marathon in the months leading up to my first FULL marathon next February. 

Yeah, you read that right.  I am a *Marathoner-in-Training*.

I will be doing my first 26.2 mile race in this city I love and live, Austin TX.  I know the course is hilly (duh- I ran the Austin Half this year and got a first hand taste of the hills), and it could potentially be warm on race day (duh- Texas weather. You know, where it can be 70 one day and 30 the next). However, I wanted my first marathon, and maybe ONLY marathon, to be in the city where I live, running by sites that I see all the time by car.  I am also hoping my friends and family that live here will come out and support me along the race route.

Here is how the race schedule for 2014-2015 looks so far:

3M Half Marathon (Jan '14)
Austin Half Marathon (Feb '14)
Shamrock Shuffle 5K (Mar '14)
Cap 10K (Apr '14)
Zooma Texas Half Marathon (Apr '14)
Turkey Trot 5 Miler (Nov '14)
Austin Full Marathon  (Feb '15)

See the big gap between races up above?

I would really like to do a race or two in between Zooma Texas and the Turkey Trot.  Originally, I thought I would do Zooma Napa's Inaugrual Half Marathon in June '14 because hello, it combines my two favorite things- running and wine.....not at the same time.  Run first, drink later.  Hey, I am responsible that way.  BUT, while I do not mind running by myself, I would rather much enjoy Napa with a friend by my side and NOT by myself.  If I could find a partner in crime for Napa, then I would be all over it and registered in a heartbeat.

I also gave thought to doing Disney's Wine and Dine in November but it sold out in the first day.  Stoo-pid.

I have even given thought to doing Nike Women's Half in San Francisco in October because once again, it's a no brainer.  Run through beautiful San Fran with the extra bonus of HOT firemen greeting you at the finish line with a Tiffany necklace?  Sign me up already.  Once again, I am perfectly fine running by myself BUT I do not want to sight-see by myself. 

Let me summarize.

Open to a destination race
great location a bonus
girls weekend- yes, please
booze, chocolate, or hot fireman- duh
must have girlfriend to accompany or meet me there

Rock n Roll Las Vegas.....San Antonio?  Rocky Mountain Half Marathon?  Women's Half in Scottsdale? 

Of course, Texas races that fit the location, booze, race gimmick criteria would be fine, too.

Any recommendations from my runner friends?


Bari said...

My ipad hates your site for some reason so if you get two comments, blame technology.

What I said before it rudely kicked me out was this:

July 20, RNR Chicago. I'm running the half with zero time goals and Kay is running the 5k. We have a hotel the night of the 19th at the start/finish and then after the race you can come and spend a few days with me in Michigan and go to the beach. I'd be willing to shlep you to and from the airport. Think about it. Uber fun and I bet we could even hook up with Nancy and Erin. Just saying. They live between me and Chicago.

Brooke said...

all of my summer races are local.
VERY excited at your turn on the 26.2 dance floor!! :)

Brooke said...

all of my summer races are local.
VERY excited at your turn on the 26.2 dance floor!! :)