Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

It's ridiculous how excited I get when I receive a box from Stitch Fix. Silly, really but I DON'T CARE. I do not have time to go shopping and I have even less time to try to figure out fashion. Some are fashion savvy.....I am fashion clueless, fashion starving, fashion poor.

You get the idea.

I won't bore you with how Stitch Fix works- you can read that on my first Stitch Fix review or just go to the Stitch Fix website. I know ya'll want to get to the good stuff. Also, am I the only one who checks their SF account prior to receiving their shipment, and then googling the items to see if I can get a look-see before my box arrives?

I thought not.

Shall we get started?

Let's start with the NO's.

Biel Stripe  Lurex & Dolman Sleeve Thermal ($48)
Blech.  Horizontal stripes AGAIN.  The material is this strange thermal-like combination.  The sleeves were fitted but the trunk was too loose and bulky.  There were gold flecks in the material and that was pretty but not pretty enough to make me like this on me! 
Verdict: Return as quickly as possible

Zenon Lurex Detailed Airy-Knit Sweater ($58)
Oh Stitch Fix consultants- why are you sending me blah colors when I specifically request bold colors?  Does this look very bold and colorful to YOU?  Yuck, yuck, yuck.  Plus, it fit me funny.  I couldn't get this off fast enough.  I need color for my dark skin, pretty please!
Verdict: Return, return, return
Ivy Tulip Print Tab Sleeve Blouse ($68)
The first time I tried this on with blue jeans and I was all, like, MEH.  Then, I tried it on again with these khaki slacks and I liked it much better.  My husband liked it too.  I started rattling off in my head where I could wear this- church, nicer days at work, out to lunch with friends, etc etc.  The more I look at this picture, the more it grows on me.
Verdict: Maybe. Still trying to decide if I want to pay $68 for a shirt.  Also, this was the most expensive item in my *fix*.

Robin Maxi Skirt ($58)
I love this skirt- this picture doesn't do it justice.  The material is beautiful, soft and flawless.  Also, it is SO comfortable, perfect for those days I hit the buffet for dinner : ).  I tried this skirt on with 3 winter-type shirts and 3 summer-like shirts and loved it with all of them. 
Verdict: BUY!

Pacific Chevron Print Skirt ($48)
I love this skirt so much. I don't have much more to say than this....I think it looks great with a red top too!!!  Anthony isn't as crazy about the red top as I am but what does he know?

Talk to me- do you agree with my purchase decisions?  What do you like or dislike in this Stitch Fix?

For anyone interested in trying out Stitch Fix, here is my referral link.


Leigh Ann said...

I love that chevron skirt! And I think I know why Anthony prefers the black top. You look awesome, Lisa!

Heather A. said...

Yup! Totally agree! What are they thinking with those first two!? My fav is definitely that chevron skirt. Can not wait til I get my stitch fix... 12 more pounds before I let myself order it!

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans said...

I need that chevron skirt!!! Maybe because I have one very much like it is why I love it so much :)

Lillie Smith said...

I like the first item long sleeve top and that skirts rocks.


I get giddy when I see 'stitch fix' in your title :) I agree w/your choices! how fun!!