Sunday, November 03, 2013

Reaping the Reward

This Summer was the first Summer in my entire running career that I did not STOP running during the heat wave known as June, July and August in Austin, TX. I was determined to maintain a consistent running base, no matter how hot, sweaty and miserable some of those runs turned out to be. I just knew that if I could hold on to a solid running base, no matter the pace, that come Fall and cooler weather, then I would reap the reward.

Well Fall is here along with cooler weather and I am reaping the reward.

My runs of late have been an absolute pleasure and dare I say it- my pace is improving. Every once in a while, I shock the hell out myself and pull a 9:23 minute mile which I just don't do.....except today I did it and while I was happy and surprised and REALLY HAPPY, I also knew that I still had a little gas left in the tank and probably could have belted that mile out even faster.

Also, my new favorite song to run to is Katy Perry's Roar. Freaking awesome and powerful.


Elaine Alguire said...

You go girl!! And you look so great! I bet you feel even better! And go Speedy, GO!!! :D

Miss you!!

LJK said...

You are awesome! Please slow down some so we can run together again.