Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birthday Boy

Dear Sweet Sam,

Stop asking me what I got you for your birthday.  You will get something but asking me every day what it is is not helping your cause.

Also, I love you, more than words could ever convey.  You are awesome through and through.

Your Mom

A Few 7 Things About Sam You On His Your 7th Birthday
  1. You learned how to ride your bike without training wheels this year.
  2. You love Legos, basketball, Minecraft and eating.
  3. You especially love to rate my home-cooked dinners.
  4. You are a happy, go-lucky, social, friendly, enthusiastic child.
  5. You make us laugh.....A LOT.
  6. You have finessed farting at will and on command.  You could even say you have talent in this area.
  7. Your reading ability is outstanding, being at least one full grade level ahead (and more by the end of the year)
  8. Your fingernails grow abnormally fast.
  9. You have awesome, thick, gorgeous, jet black hair.
  10. When I tell you to stop picking your nose, you tell me that you are *digging for treasure* or that *you just need to get something out*.
  11. You've got moves like Mick Jagger.....more like a break dancer and you really get into it when the mood suits you.
  12. You tease and antagonize your sister at times but you also love to play with her and seek her approval.
  13. You are so sweet to your little brother except when he is tearing up your things or trying to take your toys without prior permission.  
  14. You still hold my hand every chance you get.
  15. You laugh like your mama, with your entire belly and very loudly.
  16. Speaking of voice volume, you are LOUD or asleep.
  17. You have a very good memory, especially when it comes to someone who has said something to hurt your feelings or that you think did you wrong.  It is amazing what you remember.
  18. You are a machine at completing your homework in a timely (and correct) manner.
  19. When I drop you off at school, you practically spill out of the car, with backpack, water bottle, scraps of paper and whatnot falling out after you.
  20. You have no concept of money : ).

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One crazed mommy said...

Awwwww - happy birthday to your big 7 year old. Reading your list he sounds a lot like my own sweet 7 year old! I LOVE this age! :)