Monday, January 14, 2013

3M Half Marathon Race Report- Time To Turn This Frown Upside Down

The 3M Half Marathon is in the books.
That would be #5 for anyone keeping track.

I wish I could say that I accomplished all of my goals.

These goals.

2) Revel in the beauty of the movement of my body.
3) Allow myself to FEEL.
4) Push a little harder and make sure to NOT leave any gas in the tank by the end of the race.
5) Beat my half marathon PR by ONE second.  Anything more will be icing on the cake.

I can't say that I enjoyed myself and I hate even typing that.  I thought my head was in the right place, I thought my body was in the right place, I thought my spirit was in the right place.  

But it wasn't.  And now I am just freaking disappointed that it didn't go the way I wanted it to go. I had high hopes for today and while it was not terrible and I did PR

2:44:47 (last PR, Zooma Half, April 2011)
2:41:11 (new PR, today, Jan 2013)

I am still feeling sorry for myself that I didn't come in under 2:40. It was definitely within my reach but didn't happen.
What if I had followed my plan and NOT start off so fast, ignoring my typical run/walk for 0.75 miles?  WHY OH WHY did I do this to myself?  I run/walk 95% of the time with my training runs and have GREAT success with it, starting off slow and then getting faster with each mile. Miles 1-3 are always my hardest and slowest during training runs but then it gets better.  I did not do that today- I started off too fast, stopped to stretch, picked up the pace on miles 4-6 to *catch* up from the time spent stretching and then continued a downward spiral of trying to *catch up* and never ever catching up again. Damn.

What if I hadn't stopped to stretch? Twice, in fact?  To the tune of 4+ minutes of non-running time?  If I had followed the plan that I had outlined in my head pre-race, I would have done a warm-up of 1-2 super-slow miles, stretched heavily and then been on my merry way at the start of the race.  Double Damn.  I am totally kicking myself right now.

What if I had just run through the water stops instead of slowing down to get water?  I DIDN'T need it. I was wearing my Fuelbelt and had plenty of water.  I didn't need any for a long time yet I still stopped at every water station.....just in case. Damn.

What if I had taken less walk breaks?  When I finally started run/walk at Mile 1, I did 1:1 for a few miles, then progressed to 2:1 for miles 4-7.  I moved up to 3:1 for a bit then 4:2 for a little while then whatever the last two miles to get me to the finish line.  WHY did I NOT do what I KNOW works for me? WHY?!!!!!!!!!

Why didn't I trust my training and go with my gut? With my plan? 

Rookie mistake.  Yes, I know this was #5 for me, BUT I made a litany of rookie mistakes.

Anyone depressed yet?  I promise to turn my frown upside down. I just needed to get all that *stuff* off my chest so that I can get to the positive.
I want to do another half marathon. Yes, really I do. That's a good thing since I am already signed up for the Zooma Half on March 23, ha ha.  

I need to be serious about my training.  NO half-assing workouts. No skipping workouts. Less *rest* days. More cross-training, strength training, core work, and yoga.  Follow an actual training plan. Yeah, really. I didn't follow ANY training plan for this half- I didn't even look at one. Maybe that was the problem!  See, I'm OK....I am making jokes at my own expense.

I need to let go of the disappointment and ENJOY the fact that I PR'd with an average 12:15 m/m for 13.1 miles.   HEY- I PR'D, I PR'D, I PR'D!!!!  Woot woot!!!!

Use the mistakes of today to be better prepared for the next one.  Not every race will go the way I think it should go. That's just the way it is.  I need to *get over myself*, put my *big girl panties on* and get to work.

Also, next time, remind myself of this......and then laugh about it.
It's time to turn this frown upside down and get back to work.


Brooke said...

that's seriously a rockin PR! own it chica - and then get ready to have another one come March!

Andy Drouin said...

as someone who can't even run 1km yet,let me say you are an inspiration!! Great job.

Bari said...

Yes, you made some rookie mistakes. We get caught up in the moment and all hell breaks loose. It happens. I'm still kicking myself for completely blowing up at Wine & Dine and that was 2 months ago. We need to let it go & move on. Hopefully you won't take 2 months like I am.

That being said, you FUCKING PR'd on NO TRAINING PLAN!!! Get thee to the nearest Train Like a Mother plan (or whatever) and kick the shit out of your next half. You can do this, Chica!

Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

Congrats on the PR, that's awesome!! And I know exactly how you feel about not getting what you knew you were capable of. So big hugs for that and big high fives for the PR and your FIFTH FREAKIN' HALF MARATHON!!

nicole said...

5 half marathons! A PR! You are so amazing. I get the disappointment, knowing you could do better. Just don't let it weigh you down. You're such an inspiration!

Elaine A. said...

Lisa, FIVE half marathons, going on 6. HELLO, you are AWESOME!!!! And don't forget it, understand?!?!

Congrats on your PR and keep it up!

Love ya!