Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oops, I'm doing it again and again!

Oops, I'm doing it again.....and again.

No, I'm NOT pregnant. My baby-making days are over and I am completely happy with my family of five!

Yeah, I'm such a tease.  I know.

Ya'll know I run and run and run.

Some of you regulars know that I only run longer distance races between November and March.  I detest hot running with a passion. Maybe one day I will get past that and maybe I will never get past it. Whatever.

Anyhoo, this is my time to run and run races. So of course, I've signed up for two races and honestly, if I had the resources, I would be registering for even more.  So sad Austin Half Marathon- I just do not have the funds to run you. Maybe next year!  Although, how freaking cool would it be to run three half marathons three months in a row?  You know you are a runner when you think that would be cool- ha!

But coming up very quickly, I will be running the 3M Half Marathon on January 13th, 2013.  I have been running my long runs (and short runs and medium runs, too), I have been keeping up with my strength training and doing yoga when my body feels extra tight.  I feel so so so good, it's kind of scary.

Then, on March 23rd, 2013, I will be running the Zooma Women's Race for the third time.  Also, for the third year in a row, I will be very involved with Zooma- more than just running it.  I will be one of a very special team of Zooma Texas Ambassadors, responsible for promoting our love for running in addition to our love for Zooma and all it does to support women runners.
(Brand New Ambassador Program- feeling our through it and winging it at times!)
2012- reunited again!  I love Erika and Tricia- they are my inspiration.
Smooches, bad ass lady runner friends.
And LOOK!  I am wearing the same shirt as the previous year's race!!!!
OMG- I think I might need some new running shirts!!!
2012- I was blessed enough to asked to be a running mentor to a newbie.
Yeah- me.
I didn't quite believe I had anything to offer but it turns out I did.
Me and Carmen- my *mentee*.  
But really, we just had a LOT of fun on our long runs.
Third time's a charm so maybe I will PR this hilly course in 2013, huh?!!!

I haven't lost any more weight but also, I am so not stressing out about that anymore.  In fact, I haven't stepped on a scale in over 3 months and I have zero plans to do so.  My clothes fit great, I like what I see in the mirror, and I feel good.  Have I mentioned how good I feel?!  Sure, I would love to lose 15lbs and make running easier (and faster) but I am not focusing on that right now.

I am trying to get more sleep.  Do ya'll know how important this is?  Not only for my brain but physically.  My 40yr old body is tired after all this running, and strength training and managing life with three very-busy kids.  Before, I would be lucky to get 6 hours of sleep a night. Now, I strive for 7 hours and some nights, I actually LISTEN to my body and let it sleep 8-9 hours.  Heaven, I tell you.

The stress of the last four three two years is no longer what it once was. Gone are the sleepless nights of having a toddler, a pre-schooler, and a kindergartner (the kids are now 4, 6.5 and 9yrs old).  Gone are the days of my husband's then-unemployment and then employment but traveling the world at weeks at a time. Gone are my fears of running longer distances and letting fear rule my runs.  Gone is the stress of selling our house, living with my MIL for 1.5 years and building a house (all at the same time).  Gone is the stress of unpacking, settling into a new home and getting the kids settled into our new South Austin life.

The stress is gone, ya'll.  Or different, I should say.   There is still stress, but it's of a different sort.

I am so thankful that I did not throw in the towel after my first half marathon. I was so tempted to just give it the old heave ho and say Forget It- Running Is Not For Me.

Oh yes, running is for me.  I'm just so excited that I can't hide it anymore.  Oops, I'm doing it again and again.  These half marathons will be #6 and #7 for me!!!

Have you ever run a women's race?  Which one is your favorite?  Or if you have never done a women's race, which race in general was your favorite and why?  Would you like to come and run Zooma with me?!  I promise to talk your ear off if I don't pass out from trying to run fast and breathe at the same time- ha!!!!
This makes me look all official and stuff.
10% Discount Code for Texas race: TXAMB10 

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