Thursday, November 01, 2012

Daily Gratitude: Voting

Daily Gratitude.

It is way too easy to get caught up in the mundane details of life.  It is too easy to say to myself, "I'll remember to write that down later" and then later never happens and I forget the sweet/memorable/hilarious thing that occurred.
It is way too easy to forget to just stop and enjoy whatever is going on at the moment.
I am so so so guilty of this.
The hours between 3pm and 8pm are my busiest (that's when the two older kids get home from school) and by 7:30pm, I am done done DONE with the craziness and just want peace and quiet and poor Sophie, that is when she finally has my undivided attention and I am too wacked out from her brothers and their craziness to give her what she deserves.
Oh, here we go again. Rambling, off on a tangent and not even writing about what I wanted to post about!!!!
Back to the point.
Like a few others I read/know, I want November to be my month of Daily Gratitude.  Each day, I want to express gratitude about something or someone or a moment that happened that day.
Today, I want to express gratitude for living here in the United States and for having the opportunity to vote. We are lucky to live here, where women AND minorities are allowed to vote- not every country affords the same rights to its people.
For extra fun, I took all three kids with me to stand in line vote.  They have asked enough questions and talked about the Presidential Election at school.  I wanted them to see what voting was all about, I wanted them to see people lined up to cast their ballot, I wanted to explain to them what a voters registration card was, who was eligible to vote, who could be President, and to explain the voting process in terms they could understand.  I wanted them to know that if they lived in certain countries, they would not be allowed to vote because of their skin color/gender/religion/party affiliation/etc.

They listened for a few minutes and then true to their individual natures, took things into their own hands.  Little Anthony scoped out other kids his age and started doing ninja moves, Sophie asked me intelligent questions about voting and the process, and the kid who never fails to make me laugh cornered the lady behind us, badgering her about who she was going to vote for.  Obama?  Are you voting for Obama?  We are voting for Obama.  Tell me, who are you voting for?!!!!!

And then the icing on the cake, Sam made me and everyone around us laugh out loud when he asked if Obama and Romney could just thumb wrestle and whomever won could become the next President?  And if that didn't work, then maybe they could play rock/paper/scissors?

I'm sure that would have been even more exciting to watch than the Presidential Debates.  I would be first in line to see the President and the Governor hash it out over a good thumb wrestling match- wouldn't you?

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Erin said...

I love this. I grew up with parents who were huge into voting and explaining the process, so it's always been a big deal to me. It boggles my mind to learn there are adults who have never voted. You're setting a good example!