Friday, April 06, 2012

Three on the Third

Three kids.

A few pictures.

That I post on the third of the month.
Except that it is the sixth.


We've been super-busy duh.
Both boys are playing soccer through the YMCA.

Sam is actually paying attention this year and doing quite well.

Anthony (at the age of 3) already seems to get it.  Also, that boy runs and runs and runs some more. He never gets tired.  Thirsty- yes. Tired- no.  I think he might be our natural runner- ha!
Sophie is taking kid's Zumba and she and I have begun training for her first race.

Right now she is slated to dp the Kids Fun Run (1K) but if our *training* goes well, she and I might do the 5K option instead!

I love running with her.
The kids have today (Friday) and Monday off from school.

We've chilled this morning and the grandparents arrive any minute.

The kids have been quite creative in their play endeavors (those are homemade casts are their arms, lol!).
I am so glad that I joined this challenge because it's forcing me to take out my fancy camera camera phone and capture every day moments.

They grow up too fast.

Oh man, do they.

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Love it! They do!!!