Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A 13.1 Race Report of a Different Sort- Sole Sisters

Ya'll know I did the Zooma Half Marathon this past weekend.
Ya'll also know that I got to mentor a newbie runner as part of the Texas Girlfriends Program.
I worked with some very awesome women mentors to train a new batch of runners.  Erika, Tricia and I met last year when we were part of the Zooma Ambassador Program.  It was like coming home to work on the mentor program with them- I love these women so much and they inspire me every day with their kind hearts, strong bodies, and lovely souls.
This race report is NOT about me, although it is, in a different way.

This race report is about Carmen.....and Donna......and Julie.....and Jane.....and Laura (although Laura ran with her mentor the day of, Laura and I did many training runs together).  And Kim, who also ran her own race but I know personally and well, this report is about her, too.
These ladies were some of the mentees of the program.  Throughout our training, they peppered me with many questions and surprisingly enough, I almost always had an answer.

We traded aches and pains.
We did yoga together.  We talked about foam rolling.  Stretching.  Fueling.  What to wear.  What to bring.  Running shoes.  Husbands. Children. Work. Everything in between.

Many hours of talking and laughing commenced during our training weeks and our training runs.
Race day consisted of hills, heat and humidity- quite the deadly combination.  The first 7 miles weren't so bad. It was overcast.  Our legs were still fresh.
We laughed, chatted and took pictures all along the beautiful Zooma course.
Miles 8 and 9 were mentally difficult as it was an out and back and we could see how far we had left to go and how many runners on the return trip were struggling.  By this time, the clouds had burned away, the sun was relentless and the heat- oh my, the heat.
Miles 10-13 were just brutal.  Yeah, I said it.  It was hard. We walked quite a bit but whatever.  My one and only goal was to make sure this group of women enjoyed the race as much as they could and if needed, to give them the support and encouragement they needed WHEN they needed it.
I think I did just that.

I am so damn proud of these ladies- they don't even know, THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW PROUD I AM OF THEM. On one of the hardest courses I have ever run, they did 13.1 miles.  There was blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears (I'm not telling).

You are ALL half- marathoners - CONGRATULATIONS!

Friendships were hatched on the training runs.
 Sole Sisters we became on race day.

PS- Would ya'll like to read race reports from some of the ladies who ran with me on Saturday?  None of them have blogs but a few of them have sent me their words- their story about race day.  So do you want to read what they have to say?!  Please say yes!!!


Heather D said...

Yes! Love this!

AnnG said...

I'm so proud of all of you! Great job to all of you!

Erin said...

Yes! I would love to read their reports.
Your report is great...makes me want to look into the Zooma program in the Chicago area!

nicole said...

Would love to read race reports.

With all the heat and hills I don't mind so much that I didn't train for this run. ;)

I think Kim, Elaine and I are aiming for a fall run--join us?

Thea @ It's Me Vs. Me said...

YES! Race reports NOW!

Bari said...

YES!!! I'm thinking you have some automatic guest bloggers at the ready!!!

Brooke said...

i think its awesome you supported these women and OF COURSE we want to read their race reports!!!!