Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not every run is a good one

Today, I had a trifecta of *stuff* conspiring against me to having a good run.

-congestion due to allergies
-a core conditioning class yesterday that left me oh so sore
-not enough sleep due to all three kids being AWAKE at some point during the night (WTH was going on there?!)

Believe me, in the beginning of my run, I was trying everything in my mental powers to push through that shit and just get on with it, to ignore every fiber in my being that was screaming at me to stop and rest, to somehow get to through the first 15-20 minutes and hopefully find that Zen place that I find so often on my runs.

It was not meant to be, today.

Once I realized that I was not going to have the great run that I was hoping for, I settled for just muddling through it the best that I could and kept my eye on just finishing the darn thing, regardless of the pace, slow pace and even slower pace that I finished with.

I know that not every run is destined to be a great run- that is one of many things I have learned from running for the past 2.5 years.  I know that runs like today just go into my *bank*, for me to draw strength from at a later date.

And that is OK.

It was not meant to be.

There is always a new day to try again, and I will.

Hopefully, that great run will happen on Sunday, when I run the Cap 10K : ).


Bari said...

I hope you find that zen on Sunday, too! Sometimes I think these crappy runs just have to come about so we don't forget how awesome the great ones are.

Brooke said...

ooh a race report soon!! :)

i would have never thought of this - but a friend suggested i run faster on those runs where my muscles are sore from lifting. made zero sense when she said it, but then she made me do it and it really did make it easier. just a thought.

i totally get that sometimes runs just aren't going to be good. hopefully like bari said you're just getting yours out of the way so you'll realize just how awesome the 10K is!!