Thursday, March 08, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends

This might be a record.

Two posts in one week.

That hasn't happen in a LONG time never.

For the first time in my running life, I am mentoring someone else as they begin their journey into running, as part of the Zooma/HEB Texas Girlfriends Program.  We are nearing the end of our program as the Zooma Half  Marathon race is only weeks away (March 31st to be exact) and I have so many thoughts I want to share with this wonderful, most awesome running group.

Most importantly, YOU are a gift to ME.  I am the blessed one.  You may think I am teaching you about running, but really, it is you teaching me about life......

 picking yourself up when you are feeling down, 
and digging deep even when you don't want to
You have reminded me of WHY I need 
running so badly in my life
an avenue for me to let *things* go
to laugh hysterically on the trail
to cry 
(no, I haven't cried on any group runs *this* year- ha!)
to embrace this body of mine
to sweat
to push
to love what is mine

Ladies, as race day approaches oh so quickly, I want you to let go of what you think race day should look like.  Let go of how fast you think you should go. Let go of the worries of ALL THOSE HILLS on the course.  Let go of how you think you *look*.  Do not let YOU be the one holding you back.

Enjoy this day.  You have earned it and I am so freaking proud of each and every one of you.  As I told Carmen (my mentee), we are going to walk/run and maybe even dance our way to the finish line.  Pinkie promise swear.  You and me baby- I'm not leaving your side!

Thank you Zooma, for allowing ME to be part of this most fantastic program.


Elaine A. said...

You have an amazing community of runners around you and that means so much. Can't wait to join you all in 3 short weeks!! :D

p.s. the hills are gonna kill me, aren't they?

Brooke said...

hate to say - but i have cried on long group runs this year. so thankful for making friends on the road who'll listen to me!! :)

Carmen said...

Thank you! You don't know how much you have helped! Thank you is not enough!

Mommy Mo said...

They might! Can't wait to see you girl!!!

Mommy Mo said...

Me too! Wish we could run together!

Mommy Mo said...

Thank you IS enough Carmen!

nicole said...

Ack, I so wish I had sucked it up and trained to run with y'all. Your mentee is a lucky gal. And the running community is much like the blogging community for me--a positive, supportive part of my life. Can't wait for race day photos and recaps!