Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exposed- a.k.a. I can't believe I am doing this

I had never heard of the Exposed Movement until yesterday on Twitter.  Some of my favorite Shrinking Jeans Sisters (and brother, too) were talking about "exposing" themselves.   I saw that other big names in the health & fitness bloggy world had already "exposed" themselves- people like MizFit, Roni, and Mrs. Fatass- I thought- if THEY could do, then so could I. 

I quickly chimed in that I would "expose" myself, too.

This morning as I took my pictures and then looked back at them in the viewfinder, I felt a little sick to my stomach for ever agreeing to do this.  Although I am very happy with my weight loss, especially of late, even though I love how my clothes fit and are becoming baggier on me, even though my husband is very pleased with what he sees......what I saw in those pictures was anything but pleasing to me. 

I felt so, well.....EXPOSED.  And raw.  And vulnerable.  And I did this.  Then, I puked.
Then, I took a good, long look at the saying on this Bondi Band. 
I thought about all the hard work, the discipline, and the commitment I put into training and completing my first half marathon, done with the support of Team Shrinking Jeans.  I thought about HOW HARD the last 5 miles of that race were due to my bum hip and it's refusal to cooperate with me.  I thought about HOW I AM NOT A QUITTER AND I WILL CROSS THAT FINISH LINE WHETHER I WALK, RUN, OR CRAWL. 


I did cross that finish line, not exactly how I had planned it out in my mind, but I crossed it.  I am so proud of me that I want to scream from the rooftops- take THAT, stupid hip.  I'll show you who is mother-effing boss, oh yes I will.  For the record, I have since rehabbed that hip with the help of a fabulous sports chiro and I'm back to running with no pain.
Posting pictures of my half-naked body, celebrating all that IT CAN DO is fucking easy compared to that pain. 

This is ME, in all of it's glory and I LOVE IT.
That was freeing and emotional at the same.  Damn, I feel like I could climb Mt. Everest right now.

Are you ready to celebrate you?


april said...

Yay! This is great! I'm so so so so so proud of you!

Bacardi Mama said...

I am so proud of you. This is a great post. I'm working on mine right now. I hope I find the guts to hit publish.

The Doll said...

You are awesome! I'm so proud of you for posting this.

I just finished mine and it's scheuled to go up tomorrow at 7:00am.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Yay! I'm sooo proud of you, sweetheart! <3

Kirsten said...

Have I mentioned lately that I big puffy heart love you? Because I do. We've come so far in the last year. I had the same conversation with my ankle that you had with your hip during that crazy half in San Diego. I honored to have you as a friend. A friend who is funny, smart, hysterically funny, and beautiful. Smooches, girl!

Bari said...

One day those arms will pull me in close for a picture and those legs will run next to mine. I love you girl!

Elaine A. said...

Can't wait to run with those awesome legs and be hugged by those beautiful arms next week! You're amazing and all kinds of other fabulous adjectives including brave! Love you bunches and bunches my "hot mama" friend! xoxoxo

Thea said...

Woman, I can not WAIT to see you again so those bad ass arms can pull me in close!

You are amazing. I am so, so proud of you!

nicole said...

You are awesome. Can't wait to see how you finish the half next month.

Christy M. said...

You are amazing. I am SO proud of you Lisa. You are so skinny! WOW!!!!! I love your laughing belly too. Might be my absolute favorite part of you.

Also, I love that you wore your running shoes with your undies. AWESOME!!!

Mishe@EatingJourney said...

WOO HOO!!!! I just met you :) and what an inspiring story. Seriously you've have done so much and to take the leap and expose yourself is so important. What I love about what is happening is it REAL people CELEBRATING what they have done because of their committment to themselves and their bodies. Good on you for doing this, showing your CHILDREN what strength really is. Thank you for joining this movement!!!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh Lisa look at you! You look amazing, and you ARE amazing.


Melissa said...

Love you and love this post!! I can attest that those arms of yours are great for pulling in friends & hugging in pictures. :) Miss you!! xoxo

Cheryl said...

Two words - courageous and beautiful.

You rock!

Karena said...

Love this post, Lisa. You left me teary-eyed, as has just about every other *exposed* post I've read in the last few days. I love that you love yourself, and can recognize your own real beauty.

*Lissa* said...

So proud of you!!! You are beautiful!

I also love that you double-bagged the girls. That makes me giggle.


Roo said...

Wow. Just wow. You are a beautiful woman, Lisa. I giggled at you double bagging the girls and then I cried at how awesome you are. Love you!

Mimi's Toes said...

Wow, I love your blog. I came over from Bacardi Mama's blog. I am amazed at you beautiful women who are so brave and determined to get fit and healthy. I need to come on board and join in.

Pubsgal said...

Loved your "exposed" post today!!! Oh, it made me laugh with recognition (I've been known to "double bag" too ;-)

Never thought of the belly as being the laughter place, but it so is! Love that!

And good luck with that half marathon in November!!!

KP said...

you look amazing! you're so strong and powerful! simply stunning :)

erin said...

thank you for sharing with us :) you are beautiful, amazing, and capable of anything! so proud of you.

Kim said...

You are amazing Lisa. I love you and can't wait to live so close to you!!! xoxo

Trish said...

Climb baby climb! You are a rock star and beautiful! Your post was amazing!

Mariah said...

you are beautiful and I would love to hug that body!!

I'm not a perve, I swear

Brooke said...

beautiful :)

you do have great calves!!

Heather D said...

Running shoes & undies are the hotness. You're the hotness! I love you!

Kaylen said...

Wow - you are so brave!!!
And you look great!!! This is inspiring to those of us who have a long way to go-thanks for sharing and being a good role model!

Tiffany said...

I have now read your post for a third time and still have tears! You inspire me, motivate me and encourage me DAILY! We truly are soul sisters and I am so glad we finally found each other.

You are rocking that skinny body and I can't wait to see the heights to which it takes you in the coming months and years - Sky is the limit! Now that we have done a half together, our next adventure should definitely be a tri.

Love, love, love you!

Staci Lee said...

Girl! You are awesome! :) I love it! You are a gorgeous women! I absolutely love this post! And I am sooo pumped to start celebrating me. Thank you for the encouragement and the motivation!

Veronica said...

You are all kinds of awesome! Keep up the amazing work!

AnnG said...

You are a ROCK star, girl! I love this post! I love that you have come to terms with your body just as it is!! Love it!

Vanessa said...

Wow. I am so inspired!
I just did my first 10k since I last raced (in 2004!). I've had 2 kids since then (my youngest 15 months ago) and I want to attempt a 1/2 next spring/summer.
I'm so inspired to do it now (even more). :)
You look amazing.
I'm not as brave as you and have not come to terms with my body. But maybe...maybe some day I will.
I hope I will. :)

Crystal said...

I am not sure we got to meet at BBC Saturday... I wanted to drop in and say hello.

And the pic of your body labeled... beautiful!

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