Friday, December 04, 2009

Hanging with the Famous

This was my view for the majority of Thursday evening.

I stood in line for way too long to get my cookbook signed personally by The Pioneer Woman. I was one of the LAST people in line. That translated to a 3+ hour wait.  My new friend Faith and "line-waiter-compadre in a test of patience-this is sheer hell" made the long wait much more bearable.

However, upon meeting The Pioneer Woman, our conversation totally made the wait worth it.

Me: Hi, I'm Lisa.

PW: Nice to meet you. (Pause, looks at me long and hard). Have I met you before?

Me: Well, actually, yes, we have met before. At Blogher.

PW: This year, in Chicago?

Me: Yes. I met you in the hotel lobby, along with Marlboro Man and your boys.

PW: You were with a group of friends, right?

Me: Yes!

PW:  What's your blog?

Me: Growing Up Mo

PW: I remember.  I have a picture of you.

Me: Yes.

PW: Well, you have a pretty face......

And so the conversation continued, or something like that.

How cool is that?  We took pictures, we danced a jig for it being almost the end of the line, we kissed like famous moviestars, she gave me a T-shirt, and that was it.  OK, well, we took pictures and she gave me a cool shirt that I will wear every single day of my life.

For the record, that is not my bum you are looking at in this picture.  No, I'm so smooth that I took a picture of some stranger's tush without her even knowing it.

Oh yeah, I think Marlboro Man took a picture of me acting silly, yeah I KNOW, me, SILLY.  Shocking, huh?  Maybe I will be made famous when that stupid, silly picture of me is posted on The Pioneer Woman.

Or, maybe not.

Either way, Marlboro Man was very nice to chat with and I loved watching him interact with their kids.

Oh yeah, I got brave or stupid and made her some of my homemade salsa. I put a note on it that went something like this:

Made with love
The Pioneer Woman

This salsa is packing some heat. Hope you like it
and if you don't, please lie to me and say you did- HA!

I know, the wit and humor sheer bravery is just flowing.  She's lucky I didn't break out the chips and salsa while waiting in that long ass line.  It took discipline NOT to eat her gift.  For realz, ya'll.

All in all, I am so glad I made it through the long wait and got to meet The Pioneer Woman (again).  She is friendly, gracious, and so very nice.  I have already started reading (yes, reading) her cookbook and I LOVE IT!


Erin said...

I love it!! I love that she remembered you--you do have a pretty face.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

You are so beautiful! I am so glad you got to meet her!


Living In a Girl's World said...

What a great ending to a loooong wait!

*Lissa* said...

So awesome! I am glad the looooooong wait was worth it!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

you do have a pretty face!
but I am glad you got to wait and meet her!

Heather D said...

I love your pretty face! And you too! Such a GREAT story. So glad you waited!

Cheryl said...

So sad I wasn't able to make it with you, but glad you went! Awesome that she remembered you, who wouldn't??!!


Christy M. said...

She has a great memory! I'm impressed :) But then again, you're not a forgettable person, Lisa!!

Glad you decided to wait it out and meet her. Wonder if she's going to stop in Leakey on her book tour....

Elaine A. said...

So cool! I saw on twitter that she was going to be in TX - so glad you got to meet her (again)!

And she's right, you do have a pretty face! : )

Midwest Mommy said...

If you are on her site I might just die right along with you! That is awesome!

april said...

That is too cool that she remembered you!!

Bacardi Mama said...

They say good things come to those who wait and I think you proved that. I want to get her book, but I don't think she is coming close to me to get it signed. Lastly, she's right, you do have a pretty face!

Lisa said...

you do have a pretty face! of course she remembered you :) i'm glad you got to go and to score a shirt too! your salsa recipe may need to be printed here? hint?

~Mendie~ said...

How lucky are you! That is awesome...especially since she recognized how adorable you are! So cool!

Dawn said...

That's awesome that she remembered you! My friend and I were there too; though we didn't have to wait quite that long. BUT, we did get there at 4:30 to pick up a bracelet. So, I guess if you add in that wait before...

Glad you had a good time! Isn't she great?!?